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The Week Ahead   


Mon 21st Oct:

P4/5 and P6/7 Samba drum groups with Mick Brady -  Break/Lunch time

Drum lessons with E.A tutor Jimmy - 10.30-11.30

P.5-P.7 Guitar lessons with Mick Brady - during the school day

P7 Shared Education event at Bridge IPS.  Normal school day and school uniform.

Afterschool clubs

Homework and

Aaron Nelson Fitness  

P.2-P.3     2pm-3pm

P.4-P.7     3pm- 4pm

Ukulele Club with Mick Brady

P.2 & P.3   2pm-3pm

P.4 only    3pm-4pm


Tues 22nd October:

Piano lessons with Lynda

Choir practice 2.15pm - 3pm

P6S Shared Education day at Bridge IPS

P6T Shared Education day at St Ronan's PS

P4S Shared Education day at St Ronan's PS

Afterschool clubs

Homework club

Gaelic club (last week)   

P2-P.3    2pm-3pm

P.4-P.7    3pm-4pm


Wed 23rd October:

Healthy breaks are on sale 30p each

P.7 swimming - please remember kit, coat and money £3


Afterschool clubs

Homework and Sinead Lunney Speech & Drama 

P.1-P.3   2pm-3pm

P.5-P.7   3pm-4pm 


Film Club    

P.6 & P.7   3pm-4.05pm


Thurs 24th October:

P5 swimming - please remember kit, coat and money £3 


Afterschool clubs

Homework and

Claire  O'Connor Irish dancing    P2-P.3    2pm-3pm

P.4-P.7    3pm-4pm

Film Club    

P.5    3pm-4.05pm



Parents' Group Halloween Disco for P5 - P7 pupils at Bridge IPS from 7pm - 8.30pm. 

All children must be collected from the school by an adult at the end of the disco.  Dress-up is encouraged but no masks or weapons please.


Fri 25th October:

All children may come to school dressed up for Halloween today. No masks or weapons please.  £1 donation is requested for Parents' Group funds.

Healthy breaks are on sale 30p each 

Afterschool clubs

Homework and EVO Soccer

P.2-P.3  2pm-3pm

P.4-P.7  3pm-4pm


School finishes for the midterm today at normal time. 

Children return to school on Mon 4th November.

School is closed on Fri 8th November for all children due to staff training.


Bridge has now received the Sustrans Bronze Award for Active Travel - Well Done everyone! (November 2015)

Bridge Film Club has won Film Buff Platinum Award for the second year in a row.