Welcome to the website of Bridge Integrated Primary School. We hope you enjoy this visit and that it will give you a brief insight of our busy and vibrant school.







Please show consideration to our neighbours in surrounding housing estates when parking.

Please do not block driveways or road openings. 

Thank you.

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The Week Ahead 

Remember children can bring in a hoodie or fleece to wear in class in needed.

Mon 23rd Nov:   

 All Parents' Group raffle tickets are due today please.


Tues 24th Nov:

Healthy break is available to buy 30p each

Please send all money in a labelled envelope.

Wed 25th Nov:

Healthy break is available to buy 30p each

Thurs 26th Nov:


A – E surnames leave 11.45am

F – K surnames leave at 11.50am

L – Q surnames leave11.55am

R – Z surnames leave at 12 noon

Fri 27th Nov:

SCHOOL is CLOSED for pupils

Staggered arrival times from Mon 12th Oct

There will be staggered times for arrival at school, using surnames, to ensure that family groups can arrive together.

A – E surnames should arrive at 8.45am

F – K surnames should arrive at 8.50am

L – Q surnames should arrive at 8.55am

R – Z surnames should arrive at 9.00am.

It is essential that parents/guardians adhere punctually to these times, to minimise congestion at cloakrooms.

All pupils must enter school through their cloakroom doors and will sanitise their hands on arrival. Pupils should not enter the building through the reception door.


Dismissal Times

Please do not arrive at the school before 1.30pm for the earlier pick up times.  This safeguards our P5 pupils who are playing in the front playground before this time.

The back gate will now open at 1.40pm each day to allow access from Hillhead for collection of pupils from P1 upwards.


Daily 1.40pm


Daily: 1.50pm


Daily: 2.00pm


Mon - Thurs:2.40pm

Friday: 2.05pm


Mon – Thurs: 2.40pm 

Friday: 2.05pm


Mon – Thurs: 2.45pm 

Friday: 2.10pm


Mon – Thurs:2.50pm

Friday: 2.10pm

Dinner Menus

Click on the plate to see this month's menu.  £2.75 per day