Welcome to P.6.  We have two P.6 classes and our teachers are Mrs A Turley, Ms L Sayers and Miss Ryan.  Our learning is interactive, practical and enjoyable.

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P.6 Visit Banbridge Library

A huge thank-you to Sarah-Rose from Banbridge Library for ensuring our P.6 got the most out of their time in Banbridge Library.  Pupils were delighted to find out how many books they could borrow and how they can access e-books and audio books all for free from the Libby app. 


The Journey of Fairtrade Chocolate: from bean to bar

 During British Science week P.6 investigated the journey of Fair-trade chocolate from when it first starts to grow on a plant until it is sold in the shops.

Banana Split

We played a game called Banana Split to investigate ho much money the different people and companies get paid in the production of a banana.  The class was divided into groups; producer, plantation owner, importer and ripener, shipper and shop keeper and they had to discuss their roles and justify how much they felt they deserved to be paid out of the 30p per banana.  This caused lots of discussion and made children realise that very often producers and workers get paid the least amount of money.  Pupils soon realised that Fairtrade is an organisation which is trying to help those poor farmers and producers get themselves out of poverty.

Hive Hackers - Learning How to Code

In term two P.6 have been lucky to have the opportunity to work with PWC in learning how to code by participating in their Hive Hackers program.

Pupils have been working really hard together and have learned lots of new things.  They know that an algorithm is a list of steps that you can follow to finish a task and that programming is an algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine.  Pupils started off with graph paper programming and quickly learned sequencing by playing some fun online games where they had to get an angry bird to go to a particular place. Next pupils learned about loops - the action of doing something over and over again.  Use of the repeat command helped them be 'lazy coders' using the least number of steps. In week 4 pupils learned about debugging,  They really loved running the code to identify and fix the problem to get the program to run smoothly.

Working together to solve problems

We worked in pairs to create a table to help organise and sort information. This strategy helped us to solve the problem.

Sorting different types of nouns

Matching factions, decimals and percentages

 Viking Longships


Look at some of the amazing artwork from P.6T.


In Maths Jupiter table won the decimal challenge to locate and find the decimals before and after as quickly as possible.