Welcome to P.6.  We have two P.6 classes and our teachers are Mrs A Turley, Ms L Sayers and Mr Wheatley.  Our learning is interactive, practical and enjoyable.

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Your Life - A PDMU Programme with Jeannie

February 2020:  P.6 pupils are really enjoying their lessons with Jeannie who is running a 5 PDMU programme teaching pupils about the dangers of drugs, smoking, alcohol, peer pressure and ways to keep themselves safe. They love listening to Jeannie stories and enjoy affirming the positive things about themselves.  Pupils love reminding themselves that they are loved, they are wonderful and they are important.  Jeannie makes sure that they have lots of fun and so far the highlight has been trying to complete an obstacle course whilst wearing beer googles! 

 P6 enjoy learning our to play dodgeball with IFA coach Andy

Problem Solving

 P.6 have been developing their problem solving skills in Maths. During money week we looked at different ways to pay for things and explored bank statements and how to plan to pay for things within a budget.  Pupils were then given a budget sheet and a party planning catalogue and they had to plan what to buy for a party of either 30 with a budget of £90 or for 10 people with a budget of £30.  Pairs had to work together to work out all the costs and check that they didn't go over budget.  They then worked out how much food and party supplies each person would get and how much the party cost per person.

In another lesson pupils were given a menu from a Chinese restaurant and they had to solve real life problems calculating the cost of different dishes and change from given amounts. They also had to calculate the cost of a complete menu for four before deciding what they would like to choose to eat with a group of their friends.



Viking Longships

P.6 had great fun working in small groups and pairs to design and make their very own longships. Look at some of their amazing designs below.



Shared Education Celebration Day 2019



P.6 Trip to Shannagh-More Nov. 2019 

Click to see photos of all the action P.6S SHANNAGH-MORE 2019

Click here to see photos of P.6T     P6T Shannagh-More 2019

P.6T use place value flips to make and order larger numbers

The Year Ahead

P.6T discussed and shared their ideas about what we want our classroom to be like this year.  Pupils had lots of super ideas about what they had to do and their teacher to try to make our year as successful as possible