Welcome to P.4.  We have two P.4 classes and our teachers are  Mr Scowcroft and Mrs Wakely.  Our learning is interactive, practical and enjoyable.  


 Click on the following link to see an outline of the P4 Curriculum


Activity-Based Learning in P.4W

P4W have been enjoying their first few weeks of ABL. We have been investigating fingerprints, reading and writing messages in Braille, creating optical illusions, experimenting with sound and using GarageBand to identify different musical instruments. A very busy time!

P.4W Enjoy Outdoor Learning

P4W started off our topic with a ‘senses scavenger hunt’ where we worked with partners to find different objects in the outdoor area!


P.4W Learning about our senses: Touch - texture

We have been focusing on the sense of ‘touch’. We very carefully used a paperclip on a partner’s arm to see if they could feel it. We then went on a texture hunt to see how many different textures we could feel around us.