News 2020 - 2021

Holy Communion 2020

Our current P.5 Roman Catholic pupils finally got to celebrate making their First Holy Communion on Saturday 17th October 2020.

With the current Covid19 restrictions in place sadly our whole school community couldn't come and celebrate, but it was such a special celebration shared with their families.  The pupils were super and everyone enjoyed a lovely cupcake and ice cream afterwards to help celebrate.

Well done boys and girls and a huge thank you to Mrs Walsh and our musicians Therese and Matthew who helped to make the ceremony extra special. 


Confirmation 2020

Congratulations to our RC P.7 pupils 19/20 who finally got to receive the sacrament of Confirmation on 25th August 2020.  It was lovely to share this special celebration with the children involved and their families.

Sparkly Clean Windows

A huge thank you to Ruby's dad Keith from Exterior Solutions for cleaning our exterior windows and sign on 28th August 2020.  We now have lovely sparkly windows to welcome all our pupils back to start the new school year.

Bubbles - Our Safeguarding Bear

On Friday the name of our Safeguarding bear was revealed.  The bear was named Bubbles for lots of reasons at this time.
Kacie P4W and Poppy P5CW suggested Bubble however the names Bubbles was decided.  Bubbles was named by Sophie P5CW.
Bubbles is looking forward to watching out for and listening to all our boys and girls when they return.

FREE Microsoft Office

Parents please note that Microsoft Office is free to all pupils and staff. 

See below or click to enlarge   OFFICE