Internet Safety Information



In Bridge Integrated Primary all parents and children have been asked to read and sign an Acceptable Use of the Internet agreement.  This is to promote e-safety in school.


Click on the following websites to play some fun games and learn more about staying safe online.




                    < Info on cyber bullying - Upper K.S. 2


Advice and support for parents Parents

Parents should remember that it is also important to promote e-safety in the home and to monitor internet use.

Advice sheet at a glance  (Video clip and helpful advice leaflets)   (excellent handout with lots of great tips for keeping children safe online)

Here are few helpful tips:

  • Set up parental contols on any device which allows internet access.  Click on the following recommended websites for further advice:



  • Keep the computer in a communal area of he home.
  • Be aware that children have access to the internet via gaming stations and portable technologies such as smart phones.
  • Monitor the length of time you child spends online and discuss with them what they are seeing and using.
  • Advise children how to take care and to use the Internet in a sensible and responsible manner. Know the SMART tips.
  • Talk through SMART tips with your child and have them on display ear your computer as a reminder.

What You Need to Know About the MOMO Challenge

February 2019

The PSNI are currently warning parents to be aware of the children's online activity due to a disturbing new cyberbullying game called the "Momo Challenge' which has reportedly been appearing online in children's YouTube videos and via Whatsapp.

Please read the information leaflet below to help you ensure parental controls and privacy settings are in place. Speak to your children about this and as always encourage your children to tell an adult if they see anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Please Monitor Your Child's Online Activity and Check Your Child's Privacy Settings


For more fantastic up to date safety advice for parents on a variety of platforms such Fortnite, YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat to name but a few please click on the following link to get yourselves better informed to help keep our children safe.