Shared Education 2019-2020


This year all classes will explore the theme of similarities and differences in their partnerships.  They will build on and develop friendships and their skills in Literacy, PDMU and ICT.


P.6 Term 1 2019

This term P.6 started off our Shared Education journey by filling in an online quiz in Google Classroom to look at some of the similarities and differences within and between our classes.  In our first face to face session on the 9th October children explored the opening of the novel 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom'. Pupils analysed the main character Bradley Chalkers and discussed what made him stand out within his classroom.  They drew what they thought he looked like and described their initial impressions of Bradley using evidence from the text and some of the implicit meanings.   Look at some of their super work below. 


In session 2 P.6 learned all about Internet Safety and we were delighted to welcome PSNI Constable Rankin in to talk to the pupils.  We had lots of fun playing games to get children to stop and think about what was/wasn't appropriate to say and do online.  As part of our project this year pupils are participating in online discussions using G Suite and this session reminded children to stop and think before they post because once a comment/photo is up there it is hard to take back.  

Shared Planning for Anti-Bullying Week - 11th-15th November 2019

Anti-bullying ambassadors from both schools had lots of fun planning engaging lessons for classes during Anti-Bullying week in November 2019.

P.7 HIP Workshop

P.7 enjoy a 'Helping Improve Performance' workshop in Bridge.  Thanks to HIP for sharing important strategies for how to stay in control of our emotions.

Video-Conferencing in P.4S

On Friday 25th October P.4S tried out video conferencing for the first time. It was amazing to share our learning with our friends from St. Ronan's without even leaving our classroom.  FaceTime on a bigger scale (:-)


Video-Conferencing in P.6

Both P.6 classes had their first video conference on Thursday 24th October.  We have been doing some work on the novel 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' so in this session we played a Guess Who game with each other to try to work what character was being described.  It was a great experience and pupils really enjoyed sharing their ideas with their St. Ronan's friends on the big screen!