P.6 Trip to Lurgaboy Activity Centre


 On Thursday 15th June P.6 enjoyed a fabulous end of year trip to Lurgaboy Activity Centre.  Pupils enjoyed working together in some fun team building games that encouraged pupils to communicate with each other and solve problems. Groups had to solve a daisy dot puzzle, lower a long pole to the ground that was balanced on their index fingers and use drain pipes to form a chain to get a ball to travel along it to reach the bin without it falling off at any stage - quite challenging but lots of fun! They also had to trust each other and encourage each other when wearing blindfolds to travel through a forest area.

After a quick lunch the groups alternated between archery, orienteering, a leap of faith and kayaking, which also involved jumping in, swimming and in one case losing glasses - oh dear!  A fantastic time was had by all.  The children's behaviour was excellent and though we got wet at different stages throughout the day, it certainly didn't dampen the pupils' enthusiasm or enjoyment!  In fact for many the highlight was getting very wet in the lake after canoeing.

Fantastic kids, fantastic fun and fantastic staff at the centre, who ensured everyone got the very best of their day!

A huge thank up to Richard and the staff at Lurgaboy Activity Centre.