Our Staff


The teaching complement is Principal and 13 full time staff and 6 part time teachers.



Mrs T. Devlin

Vice Principal
Mrs T. Roleston
Primary 1
Mrs T. Mc Kay
Mrs S. Maher
 Primary 2 
                                 Mrs M. Walsh (Head of Key Stage 1)
Mrs K Doherty
Primary 3
Mrs T. Davis
Ms L. Sayers
Mrs S Dowds
Primary 4
Mrs D. Whan
Mrs I. Boardman
                              Mrs S Smyth                                 
Primary 5
Mrs C Wilson
Mrs E. Reynolds
Primary 6
Mrs A. Turley
  Mr P. Scowcroft
Primary 7
                                Mrs T. Roleston (Head of Key Stage 2)
Mrs E. Young
Mrs S Dowds
Learning Support
Mrs M. Morrow (SENCO)
Mrs K. Proctor
Ancillary Staff  
School Secretary: Mrs E Glendinning
Receptionist: Mrs N McKiverigan
Building Supervisor: Mr J Duggan
Financial Administrator: Mr J McBride
Cleaning Staff  
Mrs M Malloy
Mrs M Woods
Mrs J McClatchey
Mrs A Hamilton
Mrs C McGrath
Classroom assistants/Domestic Assistants  
Mrs K Hickey - Special Needs
Mrs  - Special Needs
Mrs A Hamilton - Special Needs
Ms B Cameron - Special Needs
Mrs M Loy - Special Needs
Mrs J Martin - Special Needs
Mrs L Mateer - Special Needs
Mrs K McAnespie - Special Needs
Mrs L McQuaid - P2 Classroom Assistant
Mrs Y Henry - P1 Classroom Assistant
Mrs J Thompson - P1 Classroom Assistant
Miss E Tumilty - Special Needs
Miss C Woods - P2 Classroom Assistant
Mrs J Cairns - Special Needs

 Supervisors (Lunchtime)


Mrs L Wright (Senior Supervisor)

Mrs G Breen
Mrs M Woods
Mrs J McClathey
Mrs A Price
Ms M Gilchrist