School Clubs


All staff in Bridge Integrated Primary School give of their time to support after-school experiences for your children in a variety of sporting and non-sporting situations.  Outside agencies also contact the school to develop after–school clubs and these are added to our comprehensive timetable.


Term 1B Clubs 2016

Tuesday          Gaelic football:     P.1-P.3    2pm-3pm     P.4-P.7 3pm-4pm


                         ECO Craft club:     P.7Y/D    3pm-4pm

Wednesday     Hockey:                 P.5-P.7    3pm-4pm at Banbridge Leisure Centre         

                                                                                                     (9th November - 14th December)


Thursday         Film Club              P.5-P.7     3pm - 4.05pm


                          Irish Dancing      P.1-P.3     2pm-3pm      P.4-P.7    3pm-4pm


                          Girls' Football      P.5-P.7     3pm-4pm    (from 17th Nov to 8th Dec)


Friday              EVO Soccer         P.1-P.3   2pm-3pm      P.4-P.7    3pm-4pm

Last session Fri 2nd December.