Internet Safety Information



In Bridge Integrated Primary all parents and children have been asked to read and sign an Acceptable Use of the Internet agreement.  This is to promote e-safety in school.


Click on the following websites to play some fun games and learn more about staying safe online.




                    < Info on cyber bullying - Upper K.S. 2


Advice and support for parents Parents

Parents should remember that it is also important to promote e-safety in the home and to monitor internet use.

Advice sheet at a glance  (Video clip and helpful advice leaflets)   (excellent handout with lots of great tips for keeping children safe online)

Here are few helpful tips:

  • Set up parental contols on any device which allows internet access.  Click on the following recommended websites for further advice:



  • Keep the computer in a communal area of he home.
  • Be aware that children have access to the internet via gaming stations and portable technologies such as smart phones.
  • Monitor the length of time you child spends online and discuss with them what they are seeing and using.
  • Advise children how to take care and to use the Internet in a sensible and responsible manner. Know the SMART tips.
  • Talk through SMART tips with your child and have them on display ear your computer as a reminder.