Welcome to P2.  There are two P2 classes, taught by Mrs. M Walsh and Mrs Reynolds.  We teach in a structured, practical environment, where children our encouraged to interact and develop holistically.

Click on the following link to see an outline of the P2 Curriculum.

         P.2 Curriculum

Meet P.2W   Mrs Walsh


Meet P2R      Mrs Reynolds


On Friday 16th November 2018 P2R ordered their teddies from 1stto 10thplace in our class and also sorted according to size of teddies. We also programmed Beebot to travel to our class teddies. We had a great day with Children in Need activities.

Our Autumn Walk

P2W went out on an Autumn walk around our school.

P2W were finding out which ice pop melted fastest. The one in the classroom on the radiator, the one on the window ledge or the one in the playground in the sunshine? We found the ice pop on the radiator melted first.

Our Trip to Palace Stables

P2R found out about many types of apples and products made from apples. We enjoyed our trip at palace stables.

P2R also made apple soda bread at Palace Stables.