Primary 7

Welcome to P.7.  We have two P.7 classes and our teachers are Mrs Roleston, Mrs Young and Mrs Dowds.  

Please enjoy the photos below which we hope will give you a flavour of the variety of work covered in Primary 7.  Much is expected of our pupils as they reach their final year of Primary education.  Above all we seek to prepare them for their transition to secondary level education by nurturing skills of independence, organisation and using initiative, whilst encouraging maturity and a deepening respect for others.


Click the following link to see an outline of the P7 Curriculum

         P7 Curriculum


P7s Creative Egg Scenes

Rainforest homes

Primary 7 pupils have been busy making rainforest homes from natural materials.  They enjoyed researching and planning what their unique home would be like and proudly showed these off to their peers.  They all had the opportunity to evaluate their work and consider what further improvements they could make.  We are very proud of all their efforts!

Music and Dance Workshop

On the 26th January 2017, P7s were given the opportunity to participate in a multicultural music and dance workshop, consisting of all sorts of musical instruments, foreign and local. It started at 9:30am and ending at 2:30pm.

We met a group of people, who had come together to visit schools and encourage fairness to all cultures. As you can imagine, the people doing the workshop weren’t all from our area.  Some came from places such as Weihong, China and Bulgaria. We also met a man called Alan, who was local but had visited several places in the world, and went to a music school to study certain instruments, such as the tin and the African whistle, the bagpipes and a bit of drums. His set of bagpipes had cost him £2000!

Also included in the group were two young women, the first being Laura, who performed ballet and Irish dancing for us at the start and was local, coming from Armagh, and Michelle, who taught us some Scottish Highland and Irish dancing. She also told us that ages ago, long before guns, the Scottish Army would have danced the highland dance over their swords before a battle, and that they had had a superstition that if the soldiers hit their feet on the swords then they would lose their life in the battle to come. That meant that if lots of soldiers hit their feet, then they would retreat from the battle, in fear of losing too many men.  

The first dance we did was with Weihong, called the Fandance. We were all given colourful fans with a bit of fabric hanging over the end, with which we performed a bright Chinese dance. The second act we did was with Vessie and Nikolay, where they played stringed instruments and we clapped out the rhythms. So this continued, all of us thoroughly enjoying ourselves, performing lots of different dances and listening to captivating and enchanting music, all played by this most entertaining group.  Thank you to Banbridge Council for funding this wonderful, educational day.


 Puffin Live with Tom Fletcher talking about his new book Christmasaurus

Primary 7 tuned in to the Puffin Virtually Live show with Tom Fletcher who told schools around the world about the inspiration behind his new book The Christmasaurus.  They had the opportunity to take part in a draw-along and even got to hear Tom singing a very magical song from within the book.  We are huge Tom Fletcher fans and many of the P7 pupils have put The Christmasaurus on their Santa list.

Making Gingerbread decorations for our

Christmas garland for the residents in Bannview House

Light and Shadow Experiments


Pupils in P7 use 'Freeze Framing' to understand the character Mr Spink from  our novel 'Street child'