Primary 7

Welcome to P.7.  We have two P.7 classes and our teachers are Mrs Roleston, Mrs Young and Mrs Dowds (Miss Ryan is covering Mrs Dowds maternity leave).  

Please enjoy the photos below which we hope will give you a flavour of the variety of work covered in Primary 7.  Much is expected of our pupils as they reach their final year of Primary education.  Above all we seek to prepare them for their transition to secondary level education by nurturing skills of independence, organisation and using initiative, whilst encouraging maturity and a deepening respect for others.


Click the following link to see an outline of the P7 Curriculum

         P7 Curriculum


Primary 7s School Trip To Paris

 Primary 7 pupils and members of staff had an amazing time in Euro Disney exploring the parks, enjoying the rides and spectacles Disney had to offer. A fun time was had by all and the photos below highlight many of the great memories made:-)

Junior Enterprise Selling Event

Primary 7 pupils have been working hard preparing for their selling event.  Each group created a product, advertised it throughout the school and enjoyed their selling experience.  They learned that setting up and running a successful business requires a lot of hard work, determination and at times compromise but it all is made worthwhile when a profit is made. 

Healthy Me

On Wednesday 27th September Healthy Me came to Bridge primary and worked with both P7 classes. We played games like passing foam, we sang a song about feeling happy and sad which was really good. We completed a worksheet that was very helpful we learnt a lot like; what we need and what we want, Roisin told us how we don’t have to be doing lots of stuff; we can do one thing and it will be things like connecting and being active. The powerpoint was very interesting and Roisin really taught us a lot that we didn’t know about our feelings and being healthy.

Molly P7R


Light Experiment 

On the 25th September we did an experiment on light and we learned that when the sun is lowest in the sky the shadow gradually gets larger, but when its high in the sky it gets shorter. Our longest shadow was at 9:30am and the length was 2.19m or 219cm but it got gradually smaller but when it hit midday it started to get a tiny bit bigger throughout the day. This experiment was a very fun project for all the children and everybody enjoyed it.

Charlize P7R

Fun at Spelga Mews

P7 pupils were delighted to spend time with residents in Spelga mews in conjunction with Dementia Friends society.  Pupils were selected on the the basis of their excellent applications which showed their commitment and passion for this type of experience.  Together with an artist pupils enjoyed sharing art activities, stories and laughter with their new friends and it quickly became evident how pupils, residents and staff all looked forward to their next visit.  Our visit to Spelga Mews was fantastic. 15 Primary 7 pupils applied for the opportunity to befriend residents in this care home, many of which are suffering from dementia. We were able to make a mini garden with the older folk. It was a brilliant experience. All of the residents helped us make flowers and lots of crafts. An artist named Jim from Sticky Fingers in Newry said we could do anything with the materials. We had fun making all the crafts and hope to have much more fun, in the next 5 weeks, with all the residents. As Jim said, "The morning was like a big hug for ALL of us":-) . Thank you Spelga Mews - we look forward to next time! 

Getting the Wheels in Motion for Business Initiatives!

Mrs Morrison provided a brilliant workshop on Friday morning. She talked to P7s about what the term entrepreneur meant and showed them some examples of famous entrepreneurs. They completed a questionnaire which highlighted their strengths and identified possible roles they could take on within a business venture. The pupils then had the opportunity to ‘speed network’ with four local entrepreneurs, some of whom were parents within our school. Mrs Maggie Napier kindly gave the pupils a demonstration of her work as a flamework glass artist. She told the children how she designs and produces contemporary glass jewellery and sells her work within countries, as far away as Australia. Mrs Simone Foster brought many of her Scentsy products and explained how she could manage her business in her own time. She encouraged the pupils to make sure their last thoughts as they lie down to sleep are positive ones as these are the thoughts they take into their dreams…so dream big! Mr Michael Young, a past pupil of Bridge Integrated Primary School inspired pupils to find out what they enjoyed doing and pursue those things. His love for making pizza led him to run TelePizza and a very successful restaurant called The Vault. Mr Michael Ward shared his experiences of starting his own business and how he proved that perseverance and determination are essential especially when things don’t work out for you. His successful business, ‘Michael Ward Male Grooming’ is testimony to this. It was a really enjoyable and useful morning and we are grateful to Mrs Morrison and all those who so willingly gave of their own time to inspire our pupils to use their talents and creativity in this way.